Tech Group

Tech Group monitors and consolidates the performance variables of all the operating companies under its aegis. Every company’s name is tagged with "Tech", a spin-off of Technology which synergizes each specialization or area of operations.  Tech Group operating companies  in the field of concrete manufacturing, concrete products, residential and commercial real estate brokerage, steel products manufacturing, aluminum and glass, foundation engineering, mechanically-troubled transportation, construction projects, wooden products manufacturing, Elevators, electrical engineering and equipment manufacturing.

Over the years, Tech Group has been contributing to the developing economy of Ajman and the U.A.E. Tech Group's success can be attributed to each company's hard work and dedication. Each company is built on trust, the commitment to excellence and innovation. These traits have given the group the flexibility and resources to keep ahead of local competition. The group's continued investment in world-class systems technology is an evidence of its commitment to be ahead of its competitors.

Today, Tech Group is responsible for the rapid development in Ajman and steadily focusing its sight on the other parts of the Emirate and its neighboring countries.

Tech Group Companies:

Most of the companies are ISO 9001:2000 certified, which is a commitment to apply Quality Management System. The end-result is to provide the best product and service to the entire satisfaction of each customer.

Tel: +971 6 747 5552

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