CityLife Malls

CityLife Mall is a community mall concept by R Holding which is designed to offer convenience of various retail segments at the proximity of your neighborhood. Citylife’s model is along the changing retail trend in the UAE and to meet the demands of fast-paced urban living. The simplified yet elegant design is intended to create an activity hub for the families. The idyllic locations for these malls are in populous neighborhoods of Ajman and aimed to crater to daily needs of the local community. CityLife UAE is a melting pot for retail opportunity.

CityLife Al-Jurf

Al-Jurf is shaping to be the new downtown for the emirates of Ajman. The neighborhood has establishments such as Ajman University, Sheikh Khalifa Hospital, Gulf Medical College and ample of residential catchment, which will maintain steady visitor traffic at CityLife Al-Jurf Mall.

Tel: +971 6 745 5555

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